Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Didn't really get time to write anything.  But something new is coming soon, something that has been nagging me for quite a long time.

Wait up...

Friday, April 9, 2010

Thoughts On A Thought

The esteemed faculty of thought has been the longest serving and the most admired teacher in the academy of life. The day monkeys started using the tool, professor thought took us under his charge and explained the chaos inside our mind, molded it in form like a loving potter. Since centuries, it's been a heavenly bond.

But every rose has it's thorn and life soon pricked on one.

There is a minus for every plus, there is a night for every day, a Darth Vader to every Luke Skywalker, a Joker to every Batman. The evil balances out the good. What the dark lacks in morals, it makes up with power.

This is the curse that has plagued man for ages: Why is the most basic fundamental thought in the human mind always about destruction?

I first had these visions of internal chaos amidst the shrouds of order when I saw a child playing with toys.

Have you ever seen a child playing with them? Did you get a chance to observe the human brain in its most unadulterated form? Pure from its mother's womb, the thought lived a life in a cocoon of security, tucked away from the unforgiving world. It emerged, triumphant, into the light. And the first thing it did was to cry...

And then it broke the toy...

The complex laws of our existence dictate that it is far easier to destroy then to create. It takes muscle to break in two but it takes brains to join in one. However civilized we may become, deep down inside, we are still a child throwing stones at a dog. It takes intellect to conceive and intellect is what is lacking in the masses.

Fundamentally, our ability to think is defaulted to simplify the things around us. The child broke the toy because it wanted to understand what it was. You never truly know someone or something unless you can see through to their core. What would happen if I dismantled the farce of order to really see the chaos inside? This will only help me to understand what is already done. But the real question that matters is that what would happen if I herded the chaos and put it in a jar? Then I would invent something out of nothing? I would create instead of destroy.

Only a handful of people bother with the second question. They are the ones who truly know what they are doing, everyone else is just surviving with no sense of purpose or direction. They are doomed to follow the few. They need to unlearn everything. They need to supplement their fundamentals with additional streams of thought.

The only way out I can think of is that if destruction cannot be stopped, then at least we can create more than we destroy...

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

You are not what you wanted to be
You are what you had to be
You orphaned your dreams
Gave them wings
But no bones
Like a shooting star
They crashed
And upon that star you wished
Another dream
Another crash
The architect of your own demise
You construct hopes
With no foundations
You have no right to dreams
That you have to fake up
Enough with the silent screams
It's time you wake up...

Monday, March 15, 2010

I Me Myself

Roast me in hell
I am the snowflake that doesn't melt
Grill me in pain
I don't weep, I cackle
At your impotence
Summon your devils
And minions of the dark
I stand
Obliterating the unknown
I live
I am in your head
I am your nightmare
Unleash the armies of armageddon
Keep plotting from your mortal throne
I am not afraid
And I still stand

Sunday, March 7, 2010

If you have been following my incoherent but totally honest bull shit then you probably know what this post is all about.

It's not about God. It's about freedom. God is the opposite of freedom. So in keeping with the beautiful tradition of mathematics of disproving the reverse, thus proving the original argument, I have set out on a quest to prove that God doesn't exist. Freedom does.

God is the greatest lie ever told
and we are the greatest fools that ever were...

Let us think logically for a moment. The world is today what it always was: an epic failure. It's a gigantic ball of bullshit and we are still on it because it sucks. It sucks because societies are based on religion and religion is the biggest scam of all time. You don't believe me? Look at the facts:

It has been more than 2000 years since the start of the so called 1 A.D. In these 2000 years, in these 20 centuries, the most monumental events, in each and every century, one after the other and another, have been about wars and unimaginable bloodshed. In every single century without an exception. Religion has been responsible for more deaths than all the natural causes put together. and here comes the paradox where they have stumbled but amazingly no one took notice:

That God is omnipotent and all powerful and loves us and controls our lives.

This is the paradox which blasted my hitherto innocent opinions: If God controls the universe, then he cannot have the liberty to fail. Failure should result in him being thrown out of office. But that's the fact right. The world, as I said, is an epic failure. God cannot fail. But he didn't just fail, he never even came to give the test.

Quod Erat Demonstrandum : There is no God.

Because if he did exist it then this famous saying below would have to be edited and would read like :

To err is human but to persist in error is devilish and to orchestrate an orgy of massive failures, is Godly...


Alright, tell me one thing. You people are scientists, doctors, engineers. You understand the laws of physics, the reactions of chemistry and the equations of mathematics. Tell me this: Which proven law, in any of the subjects above, is in concurrence with the existence of God? Which law?   Nothing. Nil. Zilch.

There is another logical argument that can be made. Scientifically, an entity can, at max, create something only as complex as itself.

So if God created us in his own image, then we only need to look at ourselves to imagine what God would be like. If this line above did not give you goosebumps then I politely request you to leave this webpage and go on living your stupid dumb slave life...

Look at how pathetic and ignorant human beings are and then imagine that God is exactly like you.

Would you pray and leave the fate of your existence in the hands of this guy?

We don't even trust the best of men amongst us with miniscule things and yet we are willing to literally offer our soul, our freedom to someone who we have never even seen. The best adjective I can find to define human race, and believe me there are many that fit the bill,  is hypocrite.

But I have met many people who say that there is a catch in what I just said, that I just contradicted myself. When I said that an entity can only create, at max, something as complex as itself, they say that this proves that God is much more complex than us. We are only negligibly complex as compared to God. So this proves that God is there. Right?

My friend, if you are rejoicing by putting forth this argument then let me remind you that this statement made above only managed to put more oil in my fire. If God has been there, since the start of time, billions of years ago and he could only create something as complex as a human being, who are prey to diseases and have emotions that outweigh the logical assertions, well then that's not a good report card to bring home right?

Finally I arrive at the point I am trying to put forth.  God is not an omnipresent being. It is just an unexplained law of science. It is the 5th dimension. Nothing more. Nothing less.

You are being lied to day by day by day and you are naive enough to believe it all the time. They take away your freedom, your liberties and you gladly give them away in order to live. But listen to me you dumb asshole, is this how you want to live? 

You are alive because you are free. Without freedom you are not alive. But I guess that's not a big deal to you people anymore, who have been dead since the day you were born. Why don't you question the things around you? Why do you take things at face value? Why do you not observe and only see? The biggest reason why people are afraid to put questions is that they are afraid of ridicule. Afraid of being called a nutcase. Blasphemous. But this is exactly the thing I am trying to get into that thick skull of yours: Every person who is known as a genius today was called a maniac in his today.

Why? Because they had the guts to question things. If people had not questioned then it would have been the sun revolving around the earth and not the other way round. Giordano Bruno was the man who first conceptualized this argument. He was burned at the stake, convicted for heresy. Galileo challenged the view that the universe was geocentric, that the universe revolved around the earth. He was asked to give up his beliefs and when he refused, spent the rest of his life under house arrest. The most ironical tale of them all, Copernicus, despite urgings from many quarters, delayed publication of his masterpiece, De revolutionibus orbium coelestium from fear, a fear delicately expressed by the subsequent dedication of his life's labor to, hold your breath, Pope Paul the third.

They were not crack heads, they were pioneers.  And almost all of them met their end at the hands of religion. The witch hunts, the inquizition, the crusades, the war on terror . This is not just the Christian religion I am talking about. I am a Hindu, and the same is true for my religion. Muslims, Sikhs, Christians, Hindus have all murdered in the name of God. The biggest mass murderer is not Hitler. It is God.

Today is a colossal day in your life. I will give you an alternate theory of your existence. We only know 2% of our universe. The rest, 98%, is Dark energy. Anti-matter.

This energy is governed by a set of laws which we are yet to understand. This energy affects all of the universe including the earth. The effects of this energy are termed as the effects of God. Look at the swindle we have believed all this time. You don't believe me? Well then imagine a 2-D world which doesn't have the concept of height and imagine that a 3-D object is introduced, you are introduced in the environment, what will be the reaction of the people of that world?

They will treat you like God because they just cannot comprehend what is happening. Just like we treat the 5th dimension as God, if we consider time as the fourth.

OPEN YOUR EYES TO THE TRUTH. Realize that you are powerful beings, beautiful creatures who have immense power and not the poor, scared folks that you are forced to be. Nature invented life, you improved upon it. There is nothing, absolutely nothing that a human being cannot accomplish. You do not need to be told what to do, what to eat, what to say and what to believe in. You can think, can create everything out of nothing. It is you who has the power to change the world.


So the next time someone tells you the how, you ask them the why...

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Scarred Solace

I can't run away from the pain
It doesn't give a chase
Always one step ahead
It waits
I assassinated the grief
And still its ghost
Haunts my memories
Like a color that the eye can't see
But there
Sweating like an ice cube
Quenched but dehydrated
I get addicted to it
Now it just pricks like a pin
Doesn't stab like a knife
It's not pain anymore
It's my life...

Friday, February 26, 2010

Violence is Peace

I know what you're all thinking. Yup, I can see that smirk on your ugly subhuman face: " Told ya' he's an anarchist." Well well, fellas fellas, calm down alright. Grab a beer, tell your wife to shut up and listen to old man king here.

WHAT IS VIOLENCE? It comes from the Latin violentia meaning "vehement, forcible". In the late 16th century, the prevalent meaning of the term was "improper treatment". Doesn't that definition just make you want to kiss somebody? Improper Treatment. Delightful. Look at the humble origins of this grossly misunderstood word.

If you took my horse away from my manor one foggy evening in London and made a gentleman's promise that you will return it by the end of 1597, but you didn't, then you were subjecting me to improper treatment. Beautiful.

So when did good ol' violence make a wrong turn? Well to tell the truth, it's been driving on the wrong side of the road ever since it got it's license.

New age thinkers, who are nothing more than a bunch of squirrels fighting over a nut which isn't there, conceive that the world is, figuratively, coming to an end because of all the pain around. Looks like they were busy picking their noses during the history lectures in retard school.

As far as I can look back, the world has been defined by violence. Every monumental change; be it good or bad, was accompanied by bloodshed, like a glorious footmen announcing the advent of the king. The 21st century is painted with the blood of its predecessors and it is basking in the gory glory. Since the crusades in medieval times to the slapstick humor of "Modern Times" by Charles Chaplin, may his soul rest in peace, violence has been the primary tool to express oneself. It has been defined as a source of pride and a defence of honor. It has been pursued as an antidote to shame and humiliation. In the history of pharmacy, it is the most potent anti-depressent.

But it is wrong right? Why can't we refrain from it? Why does a human being hurt another human being?

Beacuse we are made that way.

Violence is inherent in Homo-Sapiens. Actually we are Homo Necans. Remember ol' guy Darwin? Theory of evolution? Survival of the fittest? You fuck me I fuck You? We descended from Apes. Apes fuck the shit out of each other. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to work the rest out for yourselves: The hole in our face is just for eating, we were meant to talk with our fists.

 So where does that leave us?

I am no one to give the solution. I am just a commentator, someone else is playing the game. So what I can comment is that peace raises some pretty good questions.
Violence may not be the answer, but it sure does kill the question...